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The San Fernando Valley

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Yard Sale Today STARTS @ 9 AM - LOTS OF TREASURES Dec. 19th, 2009 @ 07:44 am
5914 Buffalo Ave Van Nuys- 91401 9am-1pm SATURDAY   December,19th,2009   Dynamic HTML In Action with CD - never opened. Hacking Exposed Creating Web Graphics For Dummies with CD Computer.books   LOTS of books - fantasy, fiction and more   Collector items Collector edition MAD books Imported from Argentina - fork & knife set Fern Gully Collector Cards Star Wars Saga Trivia Pursuit CD / DVD game (Japanese Animation) Evangelion Extra - NEVER played with Japanese Animation - Framed art   BUT WAIT - there's more! Bag of large sea shells and star fishes Laundry basket of fabric scraps (buy all in a handy basket) Box of flat head, Phillip screw drivers and misc little bits in a box for just $20 ...or $1 a piece (the box has more then 20 items) Set of 3 wall mountable square mirrors Victorian looking double socket lamp stand Small qty of paint brushes Crafting.items Card game - Gloom Square wood table Clothing- some burner.stuff--mild to wild     9am - PLEASE - no early birds.

A warning to women in Van Nuys & Woodland Hills Oct. 14th, 2009 @ 02:27 pm

A warning to all women - Jerry Russell is a multiple date rapist, attempted date rapist and sexual harasser. He works at Mentoring of America (Jeff Paul Internet Millions) in Van Nuys, CA and does karaoke at a variety of places in SFV. He is 49 years old, often wears a black leather blazer and carries a black business bag and listens to a ipod on the bus (he doesn’t drive). He goes to church every Sunday in Woodland Hills. He has not been convicted because he has a scum bucket attorney... BE WARNED! I am NOT the first and I wasn't the last women he attacked – he will do it again and again until he is convicted.

Master Bedroom Utils Included Sep. 23rd, 2009 @ 11:39 pm
$600 includes utilities. Available October (approx.) 5th - 10th (after basic cleaning)- partially furnished with a bed, entertainment center and a small table and lamp. Though the room is not currently available for move in I can show the room.
Creative and free spirited household - very relaxed, calm, quiet and easy going environment. Average clean (not Mr. Clean perfect, but not a dump either.) We're looking for a roommate who is responsible, self cleaning, dependable, very easy to get along with, quiet and doesn't nic pick. Smoking outside only - if you blow smoke out your window and it cannot be smelled outside the room this is ok too. But one roommate is very allergic to smoke so if you smoke a lot it has to be on the patio. Burning incense - must be very light or rarely used. Van Nuys -- Woodman and Oxnard

  • 2 miles from both 405 & I-70
  • 1 ½ miles from 101
  • On several bus lines
  • Walk in closet
  • Private bath
  • Street parking
  • Wifi / Internet $20 a month
  • Fenced in private front patio with small art table / area
  • Good neighbors
  • Laundry on site
  • Full share of kitchen, breakfast area, living room and patio areas.

NO drama, quiet nights and safe area. The apartment will have a total of 3 people. 1 cat only but unfortunately the cat would have to stay in the room due to roommate allergies. Every other month contribute $10 to cleaning supplies for the kitchen, patio & living room area. One roommate works at home and does the communal area cleaning. You would be responsible for cleaning your own room, bathroom (personal messes), dishes, pots ect... if you don't have cooking 'stuff' you can barrow the households.


Halloween is coming Sep. 5th, 2009 @ 01:44 pm
Just in time for (preparations for) Halloween

Free gift with first paid order

Make a purchase of $25 or more and you receive 5 Halloween or El Día de los Muertos (Day of The Dead) US Postal stamps.
NOTE: US stamps are set to current postal stamp prices of .44 cents. Per stamp. 1 design per 5 stamps.

You can choose from several different designs and once your order has been paid for I will deliver or mail to you your FREE 5 stamps.

Added Bonus

Purchase $100 or more in Avon products & receive a 20 Halloween or El Día de los Muertos (Day of The Dead) US Postal stamps. That is over $8 in FREE US Postal Stamps.

More images, photography & Artist Special Edition stamps will be added next week at the blog.

Start Shopping

Blog for more information

Proud Tomboy Sep. 4th, 2009 @ 12:29 am
According to the blog and Urban Dictionary not only am I a Tomboy I'm a boy with boobs! http://tiny.cc/TomboyGrrl

Why do people think being a Tomboy is such a bad thing?
As a kid and now as an adult, I was never the girl (and now Grrl) who could keep her clothes or hair tidy and fashionable. I'm not opposed to wearing skirts, dresses, and following a few of the more reasonable / cute trends but who says you can?t climb to the top of the monkey bars?Read the rest of the post here -- http://tiny.cc/TomboyGrrl

Other entries
» The Rent Party
Solstice Solicitations and a Joyeux July!!

We, as in several cool, collected, but neglected artists (ain’t that always the way?~) are rendezvousing for a rousing rendition, of our best and/or faves. This gig is at the mysterious but fabulous, sometimes hilarious, leaves-you-incredulous, GEMINI MANOR!!

This Saturday, August 1st, starting at 6:00 pm, (‘cuz that’s when the BBQ starts to heats up) have a very fine line-up of talented Los Angeles artists.

Come check us out, and be fed and feted as well, with libations and rations far above the usual “pork and beans”. Discover the local musical gems and the Hollywood gem that is Gemini Manor. Music starts at 6:30pm starting with

6:30 pm - Paul Ortega - co founder of Dark Country

7:10pm - Xolie Morra from The Strange Kind & William Ross is a spiral of musical talent

7:50pm - Mikey de Lara is bringing his acoustic soulful sounds to Gemini Manor for the very first time.

8:30pm - Mike Steele / The Gabe me Decayash Show is not to be missed!

9:10pm - Deron Wade which was featured on "VH1!" "Brooke Knows Best Series will be bring us Folk Rock music.

Musicians will have CDs available for purchase at the event.
Show your support for us, for this marvelous manor, for the music and for “Freedom, Beauty, Truth, and above all, Love!”, in the true Bohemian Spirit!!

Sure, there’s “filthy luchre”, i.e. ‘money’ involved, (c’mon, we’re artists!) but in a nod and a “tip of the hat” to our fans who deserve it, you can get great music, great food, drinks donated, (extra good karma to those who help us out).

Just make sure your pre-paid by Saturday, 12:00 noon for the online discount, and print out your receipt - Pre pay gets you in for only $15. At the door is $20

» Recession Fun
Oxymoron website name for oxymoronic times. The recession is taking its toll on everyone and moral is at an all time low as budgets are sliced and diced.  One of the best ways to combat the recession is to keep our sanity intact and help others keep theirs. This blog is a free and low cost social network of events for people in the Los Angeles area to meet and just have a little fun.  Networking is fine but please no spam… unless someone brings it to a potluck – please don’t. More Information
» South Seas Hawaiian Luau TONIGHT


Saturday June 27th Gemini Manor will hold its annual South Seas Hawaiian Luau.

Enjoy a spectacular evening with a delicious Hawaiian buffet, a sensational Polynesian revue and a breathtaking fire performance. At the gates of the Manor, you will be transported to a magical world of music, food, dancing and culture.

Tickets include:

Valet parking, an all-you-can eat feast and open (non alcoholic*) bar featuring mouth watering delicacies which will be the perfect prelude to an evening filled with song and dance.

*Due to licensing Gemini Manor cannot provide alcohol. Guests are encouraged to bring their own alcoholic beverages. However, Gemini Manor rarely runs short on alcoholic beverages gifts.

1341 N. Mariposa Avenue

Hollywood, Calif. 90027

8 pm

June 27th, 2009

Print the picture above and get in for $12 instead of $15

» Van Nuys room available

Private room: $450.00  - Just found out that one roommate is moving out this weekend (He lost his job & has run out of unemployment).   Not furnished.                           

By the end of June my other roommate is moving too so the living room will be available. Currently the roommate has it very nicely spaced off and he is leaving his coach behind (he sleeps on it.) So you may be able to buy his dividers from him to keep the area spaced off and private. He is moving out because the commute is long and he works nights / sleeps day and I work, clean (active) days / sleep nights. $390.00

  Either $200 deposit or 2 roommate / apartment references are needed. Must have employment that can be verified.


Vegetarian, vegan, meat eaters,  alternative life style people are all welcomed to contact me. Quite, absolutely no drama. No drama,drug, alcoholic or abusive partner addicts. Have a job, clean up after yourself, don’t preach your beliefs (I voted no on prop 8) and we can get along.

  I work A LOT! At home and away. I prefer someone who has a job and a life… even if it’s only online.


  • Van Nuys – Woodman & Oxnard
  • Quite area, not gang area & very little crime and police presence rarely needed
  • Private room, shared bath
  • Decent size kitchen
  • Average clean
  • Easy going household
  • Hardwood floors in the living room
  • Private patio
  • On property laundry room
  • 1 parking space (I don’t have a car)
  • Orange line VERY close.


  Utilities: Apprx $50/$60 every 6 weeks



» Bakery recommendations for baby shower cupcakes?
Hi All,

I need to order a nice cupcake creation for a baby shower (boy theme!) in the Northridge area. Any suggestions on a really awesome place? Willing to go as far as anywhere on Ventura Blvd or to Burbank area if you know of the perfect place. Sorry, can't drive further cuz I'll be ready to pop. lol

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